‘Cathedral’ at Culture Night by First Day Gallery, 2021. The Guinness Storehouse, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

‘Cathedral’, Oil Paint and Wood Stain on Plywood, 85 x 70 x 1.2cm

The Guinness Storehouse is thrilled to present its Culture Night event in collaboration with First Day Gallery. This exhibition is a spectacle of culture and visual art for visitors, in addition to the seven story Guinness Storehouse Tour.

This multi-disciplinary exhibition featured recent works by some of Ireland’s leading visual artists. Painting, sculpture, print, photography and conceptual installations curateD by Robyn Carey and Neil Dunne adorned the stunning Arrol Suite on the 3 rd flooR of the historic Guinness Storehouse building. 

This dynamic exhibition highlights Guinness’ longstanding support and cultivation of Irish Art. With iconic art exhibtions taking place in the same space, First Day Gallery are thrilled to follow in the footsteps of those before them with their second show of 2021.

First Day Gallery is a nomadic, artist-run platform and pop up gallery founded by Dublin artists Robyn Carey & Neil Dunne. Aiming to utilise any space they can to contribute to creative culture, First Day Gallery looks to run exhibitions, making opportunities for emerging artists and creating a platform for them to grow. They curate fresh art experiences that showcase the wealth of talent in visual arts in Ireland, with an inclusive and accessible atmosphere.

HAZEL O’SULLIVAN / hazosullivan@gmAIL.COM