'Title' - 2020


'Labyrinth' - 2020

portfolio 20

'Onlooker' - 2020

Onlooker is a perspective floor piece that creates a space or void within the room. The space portrayed is a representation of the room itself, imitating the canvases and general architecture of the studio.

The vanishing walls to the left and the materialising room to the right represent unattainable desires that are too far to reach yet close enough to observe. I hoped to create a sense of detachment from what may lie beyond the vanishing point yet a sense of comfort and placement within the architecture of the space.

My intention was to create an effective perspective landscape that you feel you could step into the same way you step into an exhibition space. It is based on personal reflection and a strong spacial presence is pertinent.

“At times I suffer from the strangest sense of detachment from myself and the world about me; I seem to watch it all from the outside, from somewhere inconceivably remote, out of time, out of space, out of the stress and tragedy of it all.” – The War of The Worlds, H.G Welles.

'Berlin'- 2019

This painting was made as a direct response to my short trip in Berlin. I was exposed to many new genres of contemporary art and have since become highly influenced by artists such as James Turrell, Neo Rauch, Olafur Eliasson and Dan Flavin.

‘I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence, almost an entity – that physical feeling and power that space can give.’ – James Turrell

portfolio 16

'After - Calumny of Apelles' - 2018/2019

A series of oil paintings on deep canvas completed during my second year in NCAD. The compositions are figurative and allegorical and I consider them to be an interpretation of Botticelli’s ‘Calumny of Apelles’ through the depiction of war and in particular the attack on Pearl Harbour.

portoflio 7

'Dublin Docks' - 2018

This small collection includes oil paintings on textured board and watercolour paintings on paper. I combined religious imagery from Michelangelo’s ‘The Last Judgement’ with the environments created in my photography at the Dublin Docklands. 

I hoped to create an intense environment and atmosphere that allowed the audience to both view and experience my artwork.

'Filtered' - 2018

A small collection of self portraits completed in NCAD. 

These paintings were apart of my first exhibit to mark the successful completion of Year One. They were created after a series of self taken photographs which I then portrayed with oil on canvas.

You re-arrange me ’till I’m sane

You lock the door

And throw away the key

There’s someone in my head but it’s not me’

– ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd