NCAD, Graduate Show 2021

Geometry, a Line, an Idea of Boundary

Linear perspective informs the construction and illusion of space present in Renaissance compositions, often minimalism and Suprematism, modern domestic architecture and interior design. By investigating illusionistic and manipulated space within these contexts, I have come to inform my work with a shap sense of depth and distance referring to McGarry Ní Éanaigh’s The Pastoral Centre in Dunshaughlin and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #22 in Los Angeles.

Concerning construction and material I have focused my attention on cardboard and plywood. This refers to industrial and sculptural quality which feeds into research regarding geographical space and structural intervention. Ursula K. Le Guin refers to architecture within a geographical utopian space in The Dispossessed as an image of a wall described as ‘…mere geometry, a line, an idea of boundary’.

Boundaries, containment and structural integrity combine to form the basis of immersive constructed space within my work.